Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A done deal done

I already said my bit, but I'm a long-winded type, so....

Let me say that I'm proud of Canada for passing this legislation, and acting as a leader. I hope that other nations will follow suit.

Let me say that I am happy, after all those people harmed and lives ruined by prejudice that Canada has eliminated one of the last legal obstacles to equality fo homosexuals. We've come a long way.

Let me say that I will be proud, when my grandchildren are learning history, to tell them that I was not among those sending the black folk to the back of the bus. History will regard this one as a no-brainer, as we now see the civil rights fight in the States.

Let me say that in a time when gay men are still beaten up for being gay men, we still have work to do as a society - just as racism is still with us.

I think that's about it.

UPDATE: One-trick pony Peter Rempel, ambassador of conservative maturity, reaches deep into his bag of rhetorical tricks and pulls out, well, his usual bullshit. Why Peter uses such a large bag to store a such a small trick, nobody knows, but I'm sure it impresses someone.

Interestingly, I never did conflate same-sex marriage and gay bashing, as Peter claims. He's apparently unable to understand that one can point out that gay-bashing is an ongoing problem simply to point out that gay-bashing is an ongoing problem. And while some of us apparently think (and in Peter's case, I know that's a stretch, but bear with me) that gay-bashing is just a problem for the police, it does indicate that our society is not as tolerant as we might like to think - unless, of course, you believe that these crimes are all committed by visitors from Mars.

Peter claims that it is possible to oppose same-sex marriage on rational grounds. As risible as the notion of a rational Rempel is, I'd love to read those grounds. We've heard it all before, of course, but I think there's a good deal of humour to be derived from Peter's floundering attempts to write rationally.

So go ahead, Peter: try to think. Keep a bucket of water handy to cool your brain.

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